French Lilac

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Silk Chiffon Scarf

Hand-Painted in Northern California and Printed in Lake Como, Italy.

I painted this scarf with my daughter using French lilac blossoms and leaves as our painting tools. She used the petals like stamps and recreated their shape in a variety of purples and lavenders. We added petals of white for the French lilac color pattern. We used the backsides of the leaves to show the veining details. In the bottom right corner near the logo, you will see one pattern of the lilac totally different from the rest of the print. The lilac looks as those it was preserved into the scarf. I don't know how this occurred, but it is unique and beautiful. When I thought the design was complete, my daughter said it was missing one color and one element, which was the sun. She mixed the yellow and white to get the color she wanted and we added the sun, which provides a great splash of color and freshness to a beautiful spring/summer scarf. This is the only scarf in the collection that includes my daughter's name in the logo. This scarf is perfect for a spring or summer vacation.


•       This item's measurements are:

•       Width 55" / 140cm

•       Length 75" / 190cm


•       Product Details:

•       Several shades of purple, lavender, green, white and yellow

•       100% Silk Chiffon

•       Machine Stitched Hems

•       Designer logo + Daughter's Name

•       Dry clean