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Cashmere, Silk and Wool Blend Scarf

Hand-Painted in Northern California and Printed in Lake Como, Italy.

This scarf was inspired by my daughter. I painted six new designs with her and let her add colors I would not ordinarily think to include in my palette. On this particular scarf, my daughter and I included our hand and foot prints. I scaled them very large in the final print, so they are barely recognizable but still there if you look close enough. The color combination in this scarf is unusual and truly sumptuous. There are blues, yellows and a splash of red. This scarf can be worn year round. Great for travel.


•       This item's measurements are:

•       Width 55" / 140cm

•       Length 75" / 190cm


•       Product Details:

•       Several shades of blues, yellows and red printed on a cashmere, silk and wool blend

•       35% cashmere, 35% silk, 30% wool

•       Hand-frayed hems

•       Designer logo

•       Dry clean