Champagne Camellia

Champagne Camellia

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Silk Chiffon Scarf

Hand-Painted in Northern California and Printed in Lake Como, Italy.

This vibrant silk scarf is inspired by where I grew up and where my atelier is located, at Vichy Springs Resort, one of three places in the world with naturally warm and carbonated Vichy water. I have soaked in the "champagne baths" my entire life, hence the champagne scarf, designed to resemble the thousands of bubbles that cover your body while soaking in the amazing water. This pink color is a beautiful shade of pink you can wear all year round and a great piece to take traveling to your next tropical destination.


•       This item's measurements are:

•       Width 55" / 140cm

•       Length 75" / 190cm


·      Product Details:

·      Pink and white printed on silk chiffon

·      100% silk chiffon

·      Machine stitched hems

·      Designer logo

·      Dry clean