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Silk Chiffon Scarf

Hand-Painted in Northern California and Printed in Lake Como, Italy.

I was told as a child a ladybug landing on you is good luck, so why not wear ladybugs all the time for good luck? I designed this whimsical ladybug scarf in hopes that it would bring those who cherish it good luck or at least remind them of fond memories of their childhood. This scarf gives you a nice pop of color and will make just about any outfit, especially when wearing black, gray or white. This scarf is also beautiful worn as a pareo.


·      This item's measurements are:

·      Width 55" / 140cm

·      Length 75" / 190cm


·      Product Details:

·      Burnt orange, red, black and white

·      100% silk chiffon

·      Machine stitched hems

·      Designer logo

·      Dry clean