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Cashmere, Silk, Wool Blend Scarf, Double Sided

Hand-Painted in Northern California and Printed in Lake Como, Italy.

I painted a series of designs with my daughter, and this dandelion print is one of them. She pushed me completely out of my comfort zone with this color and allowed me to produce new designs unlike any of my previous collections. As a child you probably remember making a wish on dandelions. This design is inspired by your inner child and forever making wishes on dandelions. If this is your color, don’t hesitate, as it makes a fabulous statement and is the color of the season!


•       This item's measurements are:

•       Width 55" / 140cm

•       Length 75" / 190cm


•       Product Details:

•       Several shades of bright greens & off-white on a cashmere, silk and wool blend

•       35% cashmere, 35% silk, 30% wool

•       Hand-frayed hems

•       Designer logo

•       Dry clean